Porcupine Ridge Trails are closed for the season. Entering the property is considered trespassing (from the land owners). Please wait until the spring for trails to re-open.

This is an EXPERT level trail system. There are no easy trails, no easy way in, and no easy way out once you have started. Please consider your skill level before riding at Porcupine Ridge. 


Please ensure you are following travel guidelines and recommendations before visiting Porcupine Ridge. Please do not apres in the parking lot as guidelines state no social gatherings outside of your household. Let’s do out best to keep these trail systems open and thriving!

The rocky, technical trails at Porcupine Ridge are located in the rear gravel parking lot roughly 4 km down Santa’s Village Road. Epic riding Canadian Shield, loamy forests and some fun features too!


Please Note:

  • There is no potable water supply at Porcupine Ridge, so please ensure you are bringing enough water for your entire ride! Please “Pack in Pack out” and use the garbage bins provided in the parking lot. Please DO NOT leave bags next to the garbage, as these will only attract unwanted animals to the area.
  • Currently, there are no picnic tables or benches for lunch or snack break. Bear with us, as we are working to have some in place before spring riding begins.
  • As this is a volunteer based club, please let us know via Facebook/Instagram/Email (info@morca.ca) OR submit a report on Trailforks if there are any trails requiring immediate maintenance, trees down, etc.
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on the Porcupine Ridge trails.
  • Trails are approximately 10 minutes from downtown Bracebridge, with many options for lunch, coffee, local brews. Visit our sponsor page to see who has supported MORCA this season!

Click here for the 2021 Printable trail map


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