2022 MORCA Granite Grind

To cap off an excellent riding season, MORCA is hosting a social event on Sunday, October 2nd- starting at 9:00 am. The Granite Grind is a chance to come out to the Bracebridge Resource Management Center (BRMC) and connect with other MORCA members or even bring out a friend to introduce them to the trails.

Parking will be located at the north parking lot, and people will gather at the Pavillion. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get to the Pavillion, there will be volunteers and signs to help you.

There are planned group rides for beginner, intermediate and expert level riders. If you are looking for a fun activity leading up to the 25th and the day of, there is MORCA BINGO (details below) – if you get two lines, you are eligible for a draw!

After group rides are done, there will be a lunch provided by Fresh Kutz Marketing & Grill, Giveaways, MORCA merchandise available for purchase, and time to chat and socialize!

Don’t worry if you are not a member, you are more than welcome to come, ride, and socialize. You will need to come and fill out a waiver before joining in on a group ride (just like on an evening group ride).

BINGO Details:

For something fun to do leading up to and on the day of the MORCA Granite Grind, we have put together a fun game of BINGO. Take pictures of yourself to “check off” different challenges to make two lines – and be eligible for a prize!

Go to the BINGO card website, and remember/record your card number (located at the top of the webpage), OR just print off the card. Your device should ‘remember’ and go back to the specific card if you close the tab or window.

If you tap on the squares, they will be checked off for you too, so you can keep track of your progress. The challenges are at both Porcupine Ridge and BRMC, you may want to get a head start so you are not scrambling on September 25th. If you lose your card or cannot get back to the card that you originally selected (they are randomly assigned when you first access the site), feel free to contact us and we can help you get the card back.

Different Group Rides: